Who Said That?
Season 2, Episode 19
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Who Said That? is the 45th episode of Corneil and Bernie.


In order to buy a new Cyber 9000, Bernie must get the money, which he does, but Corneil makes him lose it, Bernie tries to make himself a ventriloquist and make Corneil talk, secretly, which Corneil refuses, Bernie tries to get a reward by finding a bird, which he fails to, then he buys one and paints it green, tries to fool the owner, but Corneil causes it to fail, now, he leaves Corneil no choice but to do that ventriloquist act, but John & Beth are there! What will happen?


  • Fans thought John and Beth would finally find out about Corneil's ability to talk in this episode.
  • When Corneil and Bernie go to the animal shelter, Nelson the Elephant from 64 Zoo Lane and the titular protagonist of Pablo the Little Red Fox make cameos in the cages. 64 Zoo Lane and Pablo the Little Red Fox are both shows created by Millimages which makes this show. Coincidentally, Corneil and Nelson are voiced by Keith Wickman.
  • As noted in this episode, the 64 Zoo Lane and Pablo the Little Red Fox characters live in the same universe as Corneil and Bernie.
  • Due to Nelson and Pablo's appearances, this is the first time another anthropmorphic animal has been seen on the show besides Corneil.
    Nelson cameo

    Nelson and Pablo meet Corneil

  • Coco also appears in the Corneil and Bernie iPhone app, Mayday.
  • When Corneil tries to find jobs, why didn't he think about people finding out about him being an anthropmorphic dog?