Things That Go Woof in the Night
Season 2, Episode 4
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Telepathetic The Big Sleep

Things That Go Woof in the Night is the 30th episode of Corneil and Bernie.


When Bernie lies to everyone that there's a ghost in his apartment, Romeo, Julie, & Martha come over to Bernie's apartment to see the ghost, but there isn't one! So, Benie uses Corneil to make scary effects and sounds, but when they notice that "the ghost" is in the cellar, Corneil was still upstairs! Will Bernie be found out that he lied?


  • Martha was completely unconvinced by most of Bernie's & Corneil's efforts to convince her comrades & herself, yet she was actually convinced by the sight of Corneil ambling around under a sheet. It was rather unusual for her to be fooled by the most blatant trick and shun all the more modern tricks.
  • In "Things that go Woof In The Night",The van Romeo & the gang was in was a Scooby-Doo spoof. It even said "Mystery Machine". </span>