Pipe Dreams
Season 2, Episode 11
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Mr. Know It All Basic Instinct

Pipe Dreams is the 37th episode of Corneil and Bernie.


When Bernie is at the skate park, a guy named Rudy teases Bernie, because he can't skate with his scooter, so Corneil tells Bernie to ignore him, which he does the next day, when Rudy calls Corneil "Bernie's little tweaker dog", Corneil yells out an insult, and Rudy challenges Bernie to the big half pipe tomorrow, without even knowing it was Corneil. Will Bernie stand up to the challenge, or will he call off the challenge. God, I just don't allow Rudy to call me a tweaker dog!


  •  Corneil imagines what would happen if he exposed his anthropomorhpic capabilities in public.
  • Many fans thought Corneil revealing himself to Rudy would make this a better and more suspenseful episode.
  • Fans often complain about how unfair it is that Rudy made up a lame excuse and humiliated Bernie and made his win look inferior. Rudy's a big fucking jerk.