Home Sweet Home
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Dog's Dinner Mr. Know It All

Home Sweet Home is the 37th episode of Corneil and Bernie. 


When Bernie wanted to go to a football match, while Corneil wanted to go to a violin concert, but since he took his collar off, Corneil was taken to the L.A.S. and was given away to an senior citizen named Mr. Dawson, and as it turns out, he has a problem too, but Bernie tries to get Corneil, but Corneil refuses to leave, will Corneil ever come back? Will Mr. Dawson ever get the love of his life?


  • All of the dogs names on the LAS list rhyme with Corneil's name.
  •  Bernie says he wants to play some football...but he is speaking in British terms...and since they are in America, he meant to say soccer. Bernie said football even though he was kicking around a soccer ball. Just a simple Britain-to-America vocabulary mistake.