Fur Wars
Season 2, Episode 21
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Your Move Where There's a Will

Fur Wars is the 48th episode of Corneil and Bernie.


Bernie finds a stray cat in the street and persuades John and Beth to give it a home. Corneil soon sees the cat for the troublemaker it really is, it starts framing Corneil for many offenses, terrorizing Corneil, and wrecking havoc, but can he convince the others, or do they just think Corneil is jealous?


  • Irony: when Corneil and Bernie go find the cat in an alley, they get surrounded by alley cats.
  • The cat, Bernie, John, and Beth are the main antagonists of this episode.
  • John and Beth are extremely out of character in this episode as they falsely accuse Corneil of offenses and scold him for no reason.
  • Bernie was the only villain that was punished for his actions and mean spirited abuse towards Corneil in this episode.
  • This is one of the most hated episodes of the series, because the cat is never punished for it's obvious crimes.
  • Corneil gets tickled by Bernie to get him to fall down the garbage shoot.