Vital statistics
Position John and Beth's dog
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1 1/2 ft. (est.)
Weight 5 lbs

Corneil is the main protagonist of Corneil and Bernie. An extremely anthropomorphic dog belonging to Jon and Beth, Corneil can talk, read, and write among other things dogs usually cannot do. His best friend and dogsitter is Bernie Barges.


Corniel is an incredibly intelligent anthropomorphic dog with an IQ of 250 who can see in color and walk on two legs. Although, he's intelligent, and can talk, Corneil has kept this a secret to everyone, except his dog-sitter, Bernie, in fear of becoming an experiment to humans.

With his very brilliant mind he can help in jams he quite often gets in with his dog-sitter, Bernie Barges. Corneil's loving owners are Jon and Beth, and they live in a New York City high-rise. Corneil is a very good chef, and has a wide knowledge of many things. However, he has a fear of heights (as reflected in his aversion to flying in planes and riding roller coasters) and allergies to grass and pollen (which is often reflected as his eyes water when it is windy and pollen is blowing around).


Not much is known about Corneil's background. Though it can be assumed he was adopted by his owners when he was a puppy and his talents are a result of their highly refined lifestyle.


Corneil is very kind, friendly, honest, moralistic, and strongwilled. However, he is prone to being pretentious. Unlike normal dogs, he's not too fond of chasing mailmen, hates dog bones, and does not eat dog food. Though despite having no touch with dog oriented things, he really loves playing with his rubber ball, hates cats, and growls or whimpers when he is angry or upset. He is also known for being smarter than all other characters and ordering techno gadgets from the web (which his owners are unaware of, as he's clever enough to conceal it). Although they are close friends, Bernie is his polar opposite.


Corneil is a small yellow dog with an indistinguishable breed. He has a reddish brown tail and pair of ears. He also has a large, blue, round nose. His only article of wardrobe is a red collar.


  • Corneil's owners have him served chocolate chip cookies before, even though chocolate is notoriously deadly to dogs.
  •  It is unknown exactly how Corneil inherited anthropomorphic abilities.
    •  The common theory of is that he gained his intelligence is from his owners' high class and sophistication and he quickly picked up on it (as stated earlier in the article).
    •  Some fans think Corneil's special abilities might have been inherited from his family, but this theory has yet to be proven.