Vital statistics
Position Corneil's owner
Age 20+
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Elizabeth Grippling is Corneil's very beautiful owner alongside Jon, her husband. 


Early in life, Beth met John and they instantly fell in love. At some point, Beth was fat and soon lost weight. They married and purchased a big luxury apartment for them to live in. Beth got a job at a big shot newspaper and John made a small fortune selling vaulable items. 

Eventually, they longed for children of their own but upon finding out that Beth could not reproduce, they bought a puppy and named him "Corneil". They treated Corneil like their own pride and joy. They filled his room with toys, gave him bank accounts, made him special gourmet meals from the finest chefs in town, and gave him a wardrobe of expensive clothes. 

Even though they cared for Corneil dearly, they had no idea he was the world's smartest dog. 

They assumed Corneil was getting lonely so they decided to get Corneil a babysitter to look after him. They hired the ignorant, happy go lucky Bernie C. Barges who found out about Corneil's ability to talk and walk on two legs. 


Beth is very kind, friendly, and lovely. She is very motherly to Corneil and gets easily depressed when something awful happens to him. She cries her eyes out so much, that they need a bucket to hold her tears in, and the buckets instantly get full and overflowed (rolls eyes). She can be overprotective with Corneil but still loves him dearly. She frequently kisses Corneil's nose and sometimes rubs her nose against his (Eskimo kissing). However, she also tends to be ditzy. 


Beth is a very beautiful woman. She wears a long sleeve turtle neck, red lipstick, white earrings, and a tight skirt that goes down her ankles. She has blue hair, large breasts, and a big behind.