Basic Instinct
Season 2, Episode 12
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Pipe Dreams By a Whisker

basic Instinct is the 38th episode of Watch My Chops.


When John, Beth, Corneil, & Bernie, are going on a sailing trip, Corneil says that he can't swim. So, Bernie tries to teach him his natural dog instincts, but Corneil ends up doing the right thing yet wrong thing for a dog every time, but when Bernie accidentally fell into a pond, he drowns, now it's up to Corneil. Will Corneil face his fears or will it be the end of Bernie?


  • Jack and Domber make cameos on the book.
  • In this episode, Corneil likes cats but in other episodes he hates them. 
  • Apollo, the dog that was chasing the kitten, is voiced by veteran voice actor, Billy West.
  • Bernie thinks dogs' ancestors are apes.