A Friend in Need
Season 1, Episode 22
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A Friend in Need is the 22nd episode of Watch My Chops.


When Romeo’s friends go out for the weekend, leaving him alone, he decides to get Bernie to hang out with him, despite the fact that he cannot stand Bernie at all. However, when Corneil tries to make Bernie realize that he’s just being used, he soon discovers that someone as foolish as Bernie need to learn life’s lessons the hard way.


  • Romeo's house is in the middle of New York City, yet it is surrounding by trees with a huge portion of land. That is a ton of money in the big city. The only place with that much land in the middle of the city is Central Park, but homes are not allowed to be built there... so where exactly does Romeo live in NYC?
  • Romeo is apparently fairly rich because he lives in a big house, has a fancy contact card, has his own swimming pool and owns an expensive jacket.